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Maryland morning of glory

Posted on Feb 28, 2013 by in Photos | 0 comments


I moved away from my beautiful home state 15 years ago. Almost instantly I realized what I had left behind and was tasked with returning ‘home’. It took a long journey from Arizona, to New Jersey, and finally back to Maryland. It was May 2012 when I was finally home again. I had missed the morning glories which grow so beautifully here, so I planted them as soon as I was settle in. This is the first one that bloomed and I captured it with my camera on my phone. The blue of the Maryland morning sky, the green of the leaves clinging to the old split rail fence, and the blue of the flower with a light beaming almost magically from the ‘heart’ of the bloom… a timeless image that took me back to my childhood in Western Maryland to that moment in Phoenix, Maryland. Maryland is a timeless state of beauty, history, and an energy like no other place I’ve roamed. I’m so thankful for my ‘home’, Maryland, my enchanted Maryland.

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