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Powered by STEM Engine


Digital Harbor Foundation STEM Engine is a program being offered through the Digital Harbor Foundation. This program finds students with appropriate skill sets in the areas of web and mobile app development and provides them with an opportunity to gain work experience by building real projects for clients. Students receive payment for the work that they do, which is banked into a scholarship account for each individual. STEM Engine provides a link between students and the tech job market in a very real way.

Meet the Stem Engine team:


Hi, I’m Keimmie Booth. I am a Senior at Western High School in Baltimore, Maryland and the captain of the FRC and VEX robotics team 2528 “The RoboDoves.” In the fall of 2013 I will attend Capitol College for Computer Science and Business.



Hi my name is Matt Cole. I’m an 8th grader at Sparrows Point Middle School in Edgemere, Maryland. I like making mobile apps, playing soccer and basketball.

Peter Collins








My name is Peter Collins. I’m a freshman in information technology at Carver Center for Arts and Technology. I enjoy programming,  engineering and robotics.



Hi I’m Chris Sullivan. I am a freshman at Western School of Technology and Environmental Science in Catonsville, Maryland. I enjoy playing music, sports, and doing any activities related to computers.



My name is Stephanie Grimes and I am the Project Manager of STEM Engine at Digital Harbor Foundation.



My name is Shawn Grimes and I am the Technical Manager of STEM Engine at Digital Harbor Foundation.  I have spent the last 15 years in IT as a web developer, information security architect and then a mobile app developer.  My passion has always been working with students either as an Assistant Scout Master or teaching students tech related skills.