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Because it’s home


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America in miniature is the perfect description for Maryland. The beach. The bay. The ocean. The mountains. Our rivers. Crabs. Old Bay. The history that happened on Maryland soil in our Country’s infancy.
I celebrate March 25th by wearing the colors of our flag with a bouquet of black eyed susies.
I may not be living in Maryland now but it will always be home to me. The greatest of the states. I love you Maryland.

My Maryland


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Maryland is where I was born, where I was raised, where I was married , where I had my 2 boys, where they went to school and played sports, where they chose to go to college UMD College Park and USNA, Annapolis, where we all love Our O’s and Cal Ripken , where we make the best spice Old Bay and where we pick crabs until our fingers bleed. From the Inner Harbor to The Eastern Shore down to Solomons. Maryland I love you



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My wife and I love Maryland because it’s one of the most progressive states in the Union! And a great place to raise our expecting child!



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The Maryland VA Medical Center Hospitals –in multiple locations– got me clean and saved my life. They continue to support me in every way!

Great Elementary School


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Great Elementary School

My kids go to a great public school – Fifth District Elementary in Upperco.

The Ravens


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The Ravens

Super Bowl XLVII Champions